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As a kid growing up in Nashville, I can't remember not drawing. I do remember always loving it.

I studied architecture when I started college. After a short time, I decided that what I really wanted to do was draw, so I set my sights on Pratt Institute and New York City, graduating with majors in illustration and graphic design. Work doing editorial illustrations for newspapers, magazines, and corporate clients followed. Because drawing animals fascinates me, I gravitated to the children's market, illustrating (and sometimes writing) picture books, educational publications, posters, and promotional pieces. I also design toys and games, including a set of bird hand puppets that have been featured at the Museum of Modern Art Design Store.

In recent years, I've discovered how much I enjoy painting ceramic tiles. I find the the whole process of painting on a bisque surface and having it fired exciting. The results (hopefully) are glossy objects, fun to see and touch. As demand for my tiles grew, I decided to try a new business venture. You can see some recent work on the ceramic tiles page.

Most of my inspiration comes from living in New York City. Not that the city appears in each drawing, but it gives an edge to all of my work. When I arrived here, I knew that I was going to stay forever. It is either a romance or a dependency. NYC is hectic, loud, funny, sometimes sad, huge, smart, exasperating, and comforting. All great sources of creative energy. So as long as I can walk the streets or look out my window, I will continue to draw.

Partial client list:

Holiday House Books
Harper Collins
Golden Books
Oxford University Press
Random House
J. Wiley and Sons
Scott Foresman
Houghton Mifflin
Rand McNally
Barnes and Noble
School Zone
Silver Burdett Ginn
Publications International
Pearson Education
Simon and Shuster
The New York Times
New York Daily News
Weekly Reader
Publishers Weekly

New York Magazine
Time Magazine
Newsweek Magazine
Rolling Stone
Ms Magazine
McCall's Magazine
Toy and Hobby Magazine
Psychology Today Magazine
Harpers Magazine
Good Food Magazine
Forbes Magazine
Travel and Leisure Magazine
G Q Magazine
Ladies' Home Journal
Children's Television Workshop
General Foods
Manhattan Toy


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